10.8.2010 Cooperation with RUDN University /Moscow, Prof. Shatalov und A. Belozerov

14.9.2011 Presentation of  KDT at TU Delft “First International Seminar on ORC Power Systems”

1.11.2011 Start of cooperaion with University of applied science Aalen – Kooperation mit der FH Aalen

30.3.2012 Presentation of a novel small scale turbine at RUDN university

Juli 2012: LOI of intent of Peoples’ Friendship Unversity of Russia (

30-8-2012: Publikation in RUDN Bulletin 2012 Nr 3 – ISSN 0869-8732,   A NEW INTEGRATED POWER PLANT WITH A SMALL SCALE TURBINE FOR THE ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE, Belozerov et al.

31-12-2012  Boysen Stiftung gives grant for the project with 80000 Euro at FH Aalen

15-5-2013: Symposium an der  SWSU Kursk – Presentation of  KDT as new CHP with combined steam and gas technologiy

30-8-2013: Bachelor Tesis of Mostafa El Assar of the  German University of Cairo at university of applied science Aalen finished

15-9-2013: Publication at Thermofluidscentral Online Journal, reviewd article
Kley, Kretschmer, Leschber, Rieger, “The compact steam turbine –a novel approach to small scale combined heat and power generation“, Frontiers in Heat Pipes (FHP), 4, 023004 (2013), DOI: 10.5098/fhp.v4.2.3004

1-10-2013 Designstudy of combined heat and power plant of A. Borisova and G. Pavlova in Karlsruhe

10-3-2014 Masterarbeit: Kompakte Dampfturbine mit Xylol als Arbeitsfluid – Entwicklung eines Verdampfer für den neuartigen Produktansatz Kompakte Dampfturbine, F. Gäckle, Aalen

19-5-2014 Exposition of KDT techonology at Berliner Energietage

31-5-2015 Master Thesis: Layout, materials and maufacturing of a turbine for ORC processes, Alena Alekseeva, Aalen

1-7-2015 Masterarbeit: Untersuchung zum Wärmetransfer der Kompaktdampfturbine und Entwicklung eines Grundlagenprüfstandes . M. Dalke , Aalen

8-1-2016 Preparation of application for grant together with IKET at KIT

1-9-2016 start of  Ph.D Thesis at RUDN University with subject of construction of a rotating heat exchanger